The staff here are truly amazing at what they do. They go up and beyond when it comes to the help you need. My time at UBH has been a true blessing. They’ve pushed me to my full potential. They guided me in learning how to truly live and showed me that life is worth living. I was able to confront my PTSD, my depression as well as my alcohol abuse. I leave here feeling like a brand new man and I owe a great deal of thanks and most importantly, they saved my life.”

– Male, Air Force

The UBH treatment team is absolutely amazing. If you feel like you need help, you need to come here! This is a 100 percent judgement-free zone. So please be brutally honest with yourself! You will be able to tell yourself thank you.

– Male, Coast Guard

They worked with me and helped me through the trouble I had put myself in.

– Male, Army

For more than 35 years, alcohol had completely controlled my life. My day-to-day living was an out of order, chaotic, unbalanced mess. My health had finally taken some serious damage from the years of abuse. If I hadn’t found UBH when I did, life for me would have ended without purpose. UBH provided me with the coping skills to safely manage my alcohol addiction. If you struggle with addiction and searching to find a path to sobriety please contact UBH today. You will experience an excellent professional team of doctors, therapists and staff that will work with you daily to reach your goals. You will leave UBH with a more confident, positive outlook on life. Your life matters at UBH!

– Male, Air Force

I loved the treatment team here and all of the staff. They always make you feel safe and cared about. If you need to talk they never shoo you away. The treatment I received was exactly what I needed and they did it in a way where I felt safe to share my story. The feedback was always positive and/or made me think more about my situation. I am leaving a changed person.

– Female, Air Force

This program changed my life. Everyone that works here is absolutely amazing. The treatment team makes you feel safe in regards to sharing whatever trauma that has brought you here. I have personally not felt this genuinely happy on the inside in quite a long time and it’s all thanks to the treatment team here for helping me deal with my problems. I will be forever grateful for this program.

– Female, Air Force

This was a great program. If you need the help, don’t put it off. I rate the military program at UBH Denton 5-stars. The 30 days will change your life.

– Female, Army